Why Join Our Travel Agent Tribe?

Well, you have a chance to join a growing agency of Signature Travel Network advisors. You have exclusive access to one of the best travel agent training programs on the market. You get up to 75% of all your booking commissions paid, and the program is great for those who want tod this part time, full time, half-time or hobby time. You choose how you build your business. Do it for fun, do it for serious career minded reasons. 

Everyone pays $228 a year - your first year this covers the training fee of $180 and your E&O. You can add a partner for $150 and just $59 a year thererafter. NOT BAD!

Here is what you get with us:

  • Up to 80% commission
  • No sign up fee
  • Get up to 50% off your annual fees when you 
    book a minimum of 5 Cruise or Resort/Land vacations
    Hotel only trips not included.
  • Over 900 hotel/resort agreements
  • CruisePro Booking Engine
  • Client/commission tracking program
  • Thousands of pre-reserved group cabins
  • Specialists in 70+ countries
  • Custom hotel program/amenities
  • Travel Club Memberships to sell for money
  • Free E-mail marketing program
  • Free consumer magazines
  • Digital client magazine marketing
  • Commissions paid twice a month
  • Co-branded e-mail marketing
  • Free client proposal tool
  • Free Co-branded website
  • Supplier microsites
  • Food, Adventure, Wine, regional sites
  • CLIA when qualified ($2500 in cruise bookings)
  • We'll build you a branded website for $79 OTF
  • Free Multi-cruise comparison proposal tool
  • Avid Cruiser access
  • Two support intranet sites
  • Agent Support site
  • Free Cruise port location feature
  • Pocket Travel Consultant for smart phone $$
  • Preferred supplier incentive offers
  • Free annual & regional meetings
  • Coop advertising pass-through

Why Are Agents Coming to Us?

Those of you who are in the hospitality, travel or cruise business know that a partnership with Signature Travel Network will give you the most advanced technology and marketing tools in the industry. Our advanced program coupled with the power of Signature will give you the edge over your competition.

Why do home based agents and event planners switch from giant agencies with thousands of members to us? Because we give PERSONAL attention. We are more than a document processing host company. We want you to call us. We will help you draft that incentive proposal and we will even do a conference call with you to convince that important potential client. And, with OpulEssence Travel & The Cruise Studio, our alliance with Travelmakers makes it a win win for you. We have bought in to higher commission tiers which give you higher commission splits. We make the entire program available to you. No upfront fee, only the Annual cost of business. $228 for 70% in your first year while you train. If you book a minimum of 5 cruises, resorts, or FIT tours you will qualify to get your next year 50% off. That's $114 for your second year. And each year after as long as you maintain a minimum of 5 solid paid bookings, or $10,000 gross sales - you stay in.

When you join our host agency you will become part of a very successful home based independent agent team. You will receive top commissions and will belong to the oldest consortium in the US, Signature Travel Network.

With our personal attention, flexibility, teamwork, top suppliers, volume agreements and business expertise you will feel like a part of a great working team that cares about you. We will gladly help you make proposals and capture that elusive group, leisure and incentive client. We never forget that we make money only when you make money.





There is nothing better than a story about a destination. Our full-color Travel Magazine is exactly that –  a travel magazine with destination stories that also feature specials from some of the top cruise, land and tour suppliers. This high-quality 56-page magazine has a long shelf life in doctor’s offices and in your clients’ hands.

Then there is the Cruise issue and the Travel Redefined issue for deluxe and extremely upscale vacations.

All the magazines are coded to your website so your clients can enter a code from the magazine and get so much more information about your special travel offer.
















Our alliance with Travelmakers and their partnership with Signature and our vendors gives you access to the most acclaimed and advanced marketing programs in the travel industry.

You can select to have your clients receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly promotions that fit only your client’s interests. For example, your client might like small cruise ships and bicycling. You can select an option where they receive information from our preferred vendors that fit that criteria.

Your client will also receive exclusive offers that will not be available on Expedia or other internet sites.

You can send automatic e-mail greeting to clients on major occasions.












 E-mail Campaigns: Signature creates and executes weekly e-mail campaigns. Campaigns are sent only to clients that have indicated interest in that particular destination or type of travel. E-mails are customized with your own branding for each client. Opt in to Signature’s weekly campaign options or generate your own customized campaigns to your clients.


In-depth customizable web content for websites featuring the following options:

Sample Independent Contractor sites using Signature content: This site right here is a IC Branded Site. We pay for the rights to be autonomous through a alliance with another Signature owner agency. We pay for higher commission tiers than they normally allow. This affords us a better overall program for those wanting to have access to all that Signature Travel provides.

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